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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Urban Sunset

Urban Sunset
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
You should have seen me scrambling to get my camera to snap this LOL!!
Had just got in from work and pulled the curtain back in the back room and... voila!!! There it was..... a pretty sunset.
Originally the sun was actually in the sk(visible), and it was setting fast.
My camera was still in the bag.... in another room with a smaller lens on it. So now I'm scrambling, changing lenses, as well as UV (ultraviolet filter)
By the time I got back to the back room , and this was in less than 5 minutes getting everything "prepped"....... that darn sun had disappeared behind the clouds, and below the horizon (in this particular image)
There was this unique orange ball shaped glow, and I captured it on "film" (sounds better than saying I captured it on "memory card" LOL)
Anyways, if you click on the image you'll see the larger size of this. Or even better..... check out the ORIGINAL size as well, to see the effect I'm talking about.
It isn't a flare effect from the sun either on the lens. It was actually in the sky.
Oh.... and if you're ever lost in the blogosphere and become disoriented.... you can always refer to this image for a geographical "fix" (co-ordinates) since this image is indeed facing "West" :)

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