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Friday, October 31, 2008

"Dedicated to Paulette"

I know she'll eventually get around to reading this and see for herself what this was all about : )
I was bored at lunch this day, and decided to get some fresh air. Naturally, camera was at hand.
So I'm all crouched down on my knee, just took the shot........... and the muffled engine sound
enters the "picture"
She asks me from the drivers window partially rolled down....... "So you like fire hydrants huh?"
Now how the heck was I supposed to respond to that caught all off guard, crouched down on one knee, like I just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar? LOL
It wasn't like I had 5 minutes to go into a "spcheel" about how I'm into photography and promoting an eclectic body of work... of my images now known as THE URBAN PERSPECTIVE :)
I didn't have time to tell her that ...... I have a ton of images on Flickr that I occasionally blog
I didn't have time to tell her that...... I'm also a photo contributor and social news correspondent at http://www.NowPublic.com/raybanbro66 ...... and that these sorts of images are necessary for stories posted in cyberspace.
When she sees this, and I know she will (thanx Mike) , she'll understand now :)

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"Something George Would Understand"

I tend to shoot "non traditional" type
There's a couple of stories in this image...
...but it's something George Would

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"Dozen and a Half.... that Made It !!"

The ((((( LOUD ))))) squawks is what got my attention. These are Canadian geese on some journey over the skies of Conshohocken, Pa.
You'll really appreciate the shot if you click on the image .... to count for yourself :)

Mesmerizing images brought to YOU, courtesy THE URBAN PERSPECTIVE

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


When the going gets tuff..... GET A GRIP !!!

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Blacklight Reflection

I had Minnie Riperton in my head all day, and she wasn't even loaded in my MP3 player :(
I shot this image under blacklight or ultraviolet light conditions. The Urban Perspective explores ALL spectrum of light :)
What you see here is the blacklight against a mirror. You'll notice in the reflection a portion of a lava lamp that is out of frame.
Gettin back to the late great Minnie Riperton, I enclosed a link to the song I was listening to as I put this one together.

Minnie Riperton: "1. Baby, This Love I Have - Minnie Riperton"

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flickr Photo Download: Daytime moon

Flickr Photo Download: Daytime moon
(for the newbies or visitors, you can clik the link right above this sentence to link over to Flickr and see larger versions there.... and more pictures of mine :)
The original blog got deleted by accident. Seeing the moon in the daytime has always puzzled me. I call it the daytime moon anomaly.
You see, as a child I would always think that seeing the moon in the daytime was "wrong". It wasn't supposed to "be there" in the daytime. It was only supposed to "be there" at night.
Eventually I learned that the moon is always there..... in some phase.... in some place ..... in some orbit... high over the Earth. I don't even give it a second thought, because these are the facts.
I had my camera with me one morning on the way to church. Just happened to glance UP ...and saw the daytime moon anomaly

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Monday, October 27, 2008


**Svengali**........ is the word you're trying to formulate in your mind :)
Yes, the photo in the background was recently seen about 3 blogs ago.
Tossin back M & M's , browsing thru photos, I noticed an interesting little illusion as I was holding the bowl up.
Larger sized image available if you click on it.

**Svengali** (one who manipulates or controls another by some mesmeric or sinister influence.)

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We Takin Over now Boppers!

In the movie, "THE WARRIORS" there's a female radio DJ that relays messages from certain underworld elements into the city via the mic...

You only see the lower portion of her face, as she speaks into the mic.

She breaks into programming to send out coded messages to the one "group" (gang) that is trying to make it back safely to their home turf.

Its the grimy underside of NYC, mid 70's, where gangs rule the night. Except this night.... sumthin has gone terrribly terribly wrong.....

**Update** Couldn't find her on You Tube (believe it or not), sooooo,  did it my way.. #cheap


Iron Eyes Cody Public Service Announcement

In one of those nostalgic moods. I was reading about how scientists are concerned with the greenhouse effect of methane gas and this other little known gas called nitrogen triflouride. That's some "gas" used in the manufacture of all things plasma TV's.

I remembered as a little boy..... the crying Indian public service announcement. His name was "Iron Eyes Cody" . The close up image of that tear rolling down his face was immortalized in that moment.

So I wanted to include that today as a refresher for some, and maybe an introduction to others.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caught in the Act

Street performer on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.
What kind of trickery have we here? Caught him in the act.....
The hand is quicker than the eye ....
Unless I catch U :)

Flickr Photo Download: BackYard Sunset

Flickr Photo Download: BackYard Sunset
Bloggin ..... image speaks for itself. I'll mix it up from time to time, and blog from my Flickr portfolio to here.
Chillin in the backyard one evening and saw this beautiful sunset.
Guess you don't have to go to exotic places to find things right in your own backyard.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes, We CAN

Yes, We CAN Get Along
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
Shot this after a Barack Obama rally in Philly a couple weekends ago. Was hoping to catch the mood, and surrounding positive energy STILL in the air. Came across these two people having a conversation.
I'll tell you now..... "posed" photos bore me. No spontaneity in them. I'll look at other people's "posed" photos, but my own preference for shooting is candid. You get something more "natural" in a candid shot . No way could I have snapped this with an SLR and been as discreet as when I shot this. Folks see big bulky camera....and guess what they want to do....... "Pose" LOL
I don't know if these two individuals know or knew each other when I snapped this.
I remembered as I was framing the shot , that somebody once asked .... "Can We All just get along?" .... and then I snapped the picture.

In the Heat of the Night

This was taken in the heat of night one balmy, humid, night in Philly. I often admire the city skyline at night when driving on the Schuylkill Xpressway. For those of you not from Philly or the region , it's pronounced School Kill. Anyways I set up on the bridge in this particular area and snapped away........until vertigo started kinking in. It's something about the pitch black water that "did it". I had an almost death grip on the railing as I was moving and walking across the bridge. I don't even know if you would call it vertigo, because it wasn't so much the height that "did it". In reality, I more so get vertigo looking UP at buildings. Yes, UP not down. I know you're scratching your head, because it's supposed to be the other way around. But nothing is "ordinary" in my world LOL. I can be at street level and TRY looking up at a skyscaper and CAN'T do it. I get that nauseous, dizzy, near syncope feeling. I think looking up smohow throws off my equlibrium or something. It's something about the perception that messes with my head. Now the other way around..... looking down from the same skyscraper...wouldn't bother me. I know I know...... scratchin your head again :)
You can check out the larger size of this one if you click on it. Had to watermark this one, albeit it's discreet, and you won't notice it on the smaller size.... and you might not notice it in the larger size ....but trust me, it's there.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Iron Spider

What a cool name for a band. Iron Spider. I guess to be hip you'd have to call it Iron Spyda
Was looking up at a utility pole and framed it this way on purpose.
The wires in the first photo could be the "web" that the "spider" below it spun.
As usual, you can clik on either photo for the large sizes.

Seeing Is Believing

This afternoon was just too nice a day to eat lunch indoors. There's a bike trail in the back of the building, often occupied by joggers, bicyclists, pets, and curmudgeons
All the different colors outside this time of year is a photographers dream. So I'm walkin along snappin away...... and remembered the little guy. The little guy is the one that just barely gets some sideway glance IF he's lucky. It's now being discovered though that the little guy often produces some of the BEST and BETTER ideas than the big Mohican that gets all the attention

This little bundle of buds was probably no bigger than the length of your index finger. I didn't think much of it ....."standing" . But when I crouched down and got within an inch or less , I saw "the picture" Now it took maybe 3 attempts, with wind gusts here and there, and of course with this being a macro shot, there's the camera shake factor. Not like I carry my mini tripod with me to work. Anyways, as I framed this shot and held my breath , I was pleasantly surprised at the end result in the view window. Imagine the look when I downloaded it to my monitor !! I couldn't believe it.
So this is straight from nature , from the memory card in the camera to you. No photo enhancement was used. What u see ,........ is what I saw at that moment. You can clik on this one for the large size. I guess this one will be seen on a few desktop wallpapers around the globe. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Sign Up Ahead"

"Sign Up Ahead"
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
All came together for a cause.... to hear a message of Hope, from Democratic Presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama.

Shot at a rally in Philadelphia on 10/11/2008.

This was one of 4 rallies across the city that Senator Obama spoke



Somethin'z Awry.....in the orchard....

Family "reunion" on a small scale out in Kennett Square, Pa. Every year some of us gather in Barnard's Orchards for some apple picking. This was the first year I went along.
Clear crisp Autumn day, with the scent of fresh apples in the breeze. But... upon closer inspection.... I became aware of the "things" that keep the eco system "in check" . I began focusing more on that aspect.....
Don't be alarmed when you click on the photo above for the original size and see this spider in stunning detail. Who would have thought such a small thing had the makings of some nightmare's specter... this little creepy thing with it's bug eyes, and furry hair covered legs. Yes, these are the little things that are part of the check and balance aspect of that eco system.
But this is only one apple's story ....
Just remember......

35 MPH Illusions

Now to get you oriented..........
We're actually looking through my driver's side windshield on the road one early morning. You will note the McDonald's "M" logo on the side of the road. Straight ahead are brakelights, and if you look down, you will see the highway dividers.
Other illusions are mentally optional if you choose to see them.
I choose to see hands in the foreground.

A Little.."Big Deal" Connoisseur

I'm a connoisseur of sorts, of some of the finer things in life when I can afford them. One being hand rolled imported cigars.
Stopped in Holt's Cigar shop in downtown Philly. Cigars can be pretty pricey, especially the "name brands". But if you look hard enough, you can find equally quality in lesser priced "bundles".
I had a favorite bundle in mind when I went in there.
This particular bundle of 20, contains hand rolled cigars of Nicaraguan blended long leaf filler tobacco , binded with a leaf of Dominican tobacco, and all wrapped up in an Equador wrapper. The result is a medium to full bodied smoke chock full of earthy flavors reminiscent of coffee, nutmeg, mixed in with a smidgen of leather noted on the palate.
After I light one up and relax awhiles, the result is white ash hangin off the end, a true sign of a well crafted smoke.
I'm a connoisseur of sorts of some of the finer things in life, when I can afford them
Nice to feel like a "Little Big Deal" (a very inside reference) every once in awhiles.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ancestral Rhythms

Ancestral rhythms in the cemetery today.
Those that have lived.... and passed on were celebrated with honor on this day.
African drummers kept the cadence, while the dancer moved in almost trance like fashion to the beats.
You had to be there to "feel" it .

I "reported" on this story over at NowPublic.com


A Grave Matter

This is the gateway to Eden Cemetery located in Collingdale , Pa. It is the nation's oldest African American cemetery . During the past summer, acts of desecration and vandalism occured on nearly 200 tombstones. They were either knocked over, spray painted, or defaced in some manner.
Locals insist these were racially motivated acts, and local officials disagree. Their position is that these were just vandalism acts, which they condemn.
In either case, a ceremony was held at the cemetary today to honor our ancestors that are laid to rest there. A couple of the more notable interned there are Marian Anderson, Octavius Catto and William Sill.
There was an African drum presentaiton as well as reenactments from the "souls" of some of those laid to rest there. Very moving and powerful.
The whole purpose was to call attention to the atrocities that were committed there, and vow to never let it happen it again, through better community outreach.

Grounded .......

I call the accompanying shot "Grounded" . Got down to knee level to shoot this. Out in Barnard's Orchards in Kennett Square, Pa.
We tend to look down or overlook some things....
The more grounded you become ....the more you will see :)

By now you're asking...... who is this guy?
So I was in this apple orchard in Kennett Square, Pa. I thought the accompanying shot was another way of looking at the whole scene. It's kind of like I'm looking from behind some apples here

The following link below is what I was checking out uploading these two photos. You should be able to click on it and listen to the music.

Bobbi Humphrey is a jazz fluist

She was more popular in the 70's. These are some of her best tracks

The Best Of Bobbi Humphrey: "1. New York Times - Bobbi Humphrey
2. Uno Esta - Bobbi Humphrey
3. Harlem River Drive - Bobbi Humphrey
4. Mestizo Eyes - Bobbi Humphrey
5. Ladies Day - Bobbi Humphrey
6. Blacks And Blues - Bobbi Humphrey
7. The Trip - Bobbi Humphrey
8. Funhouse - Bobbi Humphrey
9. Chicago Dawn - Bobbi Humphrey
10. You Make Me Feel So Good - Bobbi Humphrey"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Birds on Wire

Birds on wires fascinate me. Shot this from my driver's side window, and made sure the window was rolled down.

Put THAT in your Cup o Joe !!

This one is for those ... Must have that hot cup o Joe in the morning. Just the presence of our little friend is enough to jolt anybody awake WITHOUT the caffeine.

Oh well.... Go put THAT in your Cup o Joe !!



Monday, October 13, 2008

Brand New To This

Ok, so I've set up an official "Blog". I have one on my MySpace page, and I try to post something on there once in awhiles, although not as frequently as I used to.

I'll probably use this blog in conjunction with my NowPublic account. Basically we scour the net for interesting stories and upload them and offer commentary. The nice thing I like about is, I get to post some of my personal pics that might be relative to the story. I don't get financially compensated, but I get more exposure of some of my shots. I've only been on there for under a month, and already my "page" has had over 5,000 views. I can configure a blog (which is why I set this one up) on my NowPublic page, to post entries simultaneously to this blog. I figure in a week's time I should have the nuances of this particular blogspot figured out.

I'll more than likely discuss some of my photos, what inspired them etc..... but I have a feeling that when I configure my other account to work in conjunction with this one, this blog will take on a new life of its own :)

I try to upload stories on NowPublic that are interesting...or deserve wider viewing for discussion. And they can be in various categories from political, entertainment, strange, tech & Biz, culture, and other hot topics in pop culture. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, check out my page there at http://www.nowpublic.com/raybanbro66

So here goes my venture into blogging.

By the way, the photo at the top of this blog was shot this past weekend in Philly at a Barack Obama Rally. I call that one "FOCUSED", since 3 people seem to be focusing their cameras on Barack Obama, who was almost 2 full length blocks from their position.

Just thought I would post a pseudo introduction just in case you happened upon this blog.