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Sunday, July 11, 2010

American Cancer Society Bike a Thon : Philadelphia

Woke up early this morning and upon learning of the 38th Annual   American Cancer Society Bike a Thon about to happen in Philly, I immediately grabbed the Canon & hurried down there to see this for myself!
Keep in mind this was at 6:00 AM. when I found out about this event on the local news , and less than a half hr before the event started  They shut down the Ben Franklin Bridge which connects Philadelphia with New Jersey.  I knew traffic would be light at that time of the morning, so I jumped on I-95N coming up
from Delaware County.
As I got into  the area, I saw thousands upon thousands of bikes..... all there to support this cause. They were still lining up awaiting to begin the trek over the bridge.
You may click on the images to see them LARGER.
I'm glad I made that spontaneous trip down there, and hope my pics can in some way bring awareness to this cause

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Limited Psychedelic Edition

This BLOG wrote itself . I spotted  
that first image on a street in Olde City Philadelphia., and the rest was History

You might appreciate it more if you clik
on the images for some sort of psychedelic tale of a "Tog" named Rhett

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Breeze

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Went over to the Art Museum in Philadelphia and surrounding areas the day after the July 4 Welcome America activities.

Consider this some  "trashy" STEAMY blog .... being "read" poolside ...on some laptop

....of course mine would start off  in THIS way :)    You may click on the images to View them LARGER :)

In this shot above..... I was on a landing on the museum step.
Once  your eyes settle down a little (LOL)  in the large version, you'll see the back of the stage (in pan motion) where the Roots & Google Dolls performed .

Schuylkill River Falls....... BREATHTAKING view see those fisherman in the background. Imagine the view THEY HAD!! rhapid=6744179&type=playlist&title=Playlist&from=real

I love the image below.  Some photogs would argue a tighter crop.... but they're NOT me!
NOW you see the ENORMITY of the ugly situation at hand ... oh and the "kicker"  this was shot from approx 20 feet above .                                                                                                                                                              

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Transittion :

.... suddenly without warning..............

.....some vision about an undergrnD Pulp fiction type Comix Book .......of  Photographs .
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...VoL #1  Transition

New "LOOK"  & FEEL .  .

A couple yrs back I remembered a shot  in a club setting. It wasn't total pitch black, but a cherry KOOL AID like light ambiance filled the room.  Snapped the above image  Click on it to see
the FULL SCREEN Version :)
The original image came out SEVERELY UNDEREXPOSED .  I saw the rawness in it & knew one day I would  enhance it

Flash (no pun) forward 2 yrs later....

This BLOG (post) is the official NOD to #HIGO  the new CD from PHilly's Own  "The RooTs"

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Share Doin' It Again (Explicit) by The Roots

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U Get IT..........