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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
If you have been following my {{{BLOG}}} , I had been debating whether I wanted to go down to Atlantic City and so some photoshooting down there.
The cold weather was playing a huge factor in my decision.
With bulky clothing, gloves, lugging equipment etc, that can be a chore in itself
Well, it was a 'balmy' 50 or so degrees yesterday, so I packed up my gear and headed down there.
I captured some interesting images, which of course I'll share some of the better ones with YOU :)
In this particular image, i was shooting at knee level.. Now grant it, had this been summertime, I would have probably laid down flat on my stomach to shoot this. But the sand was cold and damp.... and I didn't want to mess up my leather coat LOL LOL
Please click on the image to see this larger, and over the course of the day and weekend I'll be uploading more images from yesterday's shoot at my Flickr account.
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