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Sunday, October 31, 2010

384 Moons AGO : OMNI mag debuts

Basing "Moon #384" on a "new" moon every 30days or once
a month ... 12 of them a yr... u figure out the rest ;)

Doing some house cleaning, and found this Collector's edition
(very first issue) of OMNI magazine

It's Fall , except its October 1978.......

Some "new" magazine called "OMNI" has just debut                            

Thumbing thru , I ran across this ad for a camera that
"AutoFocus" itself ..  Yes, it EVEN SETS THE FOCUS

...... 384 Moons AGO..........

Please clik on the images to see these in full screen detail

 Hiphop/rnb/dancehall Djmissy by djmissy

Saturday, October 23, 2010

#UrbanPerspectivObservatory : Selene

I've always had a fascination with that "thing" LOL!  So whenever the conditions are right for shooting ... I will.
There's an actual  science dedicated to the study of the moon   "Lunar Science"  called Selenology  (u can clik link for Wiki def)
I shot this around 4AM EST  "south" of Philly .   Last month I noticed a full moon (they occur every 28-30 days) beamin thru my window one early morning.  There are slats missing from the venetian blinds towards
the top of the window, so this provides me an UNPRECEDENTED view of the night sky.  And thus the Twitter #UrbanperspectivObservatory "tag" was born. You can clik  that tag  for up to the minute Observatory updates :)
Anyways, there's only a certain timeframe to shoot from my "angle" .  Remember, everything's in motion, including the rotating Earth, as well as the moon itself in it's own orbit around the EARTH .
Trying to shoot this is nearly impossible & takes patience, including tripod n "manual" focus .  This is one out of a series of 47 shots that was the keeper (for me )
Also opened the window for the cleanest shot possible.  If I remember, I think I had a polarized filter on this shot  Togs clik here for EXIF info
Be sure to view it larger by clicking on the picture above .
Be sure to enjoy this SoundCloud mixx while Blog Browsing ..
 Dirty live from silk city 24:10:10 by Sundae

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Gimmick

Everybody's Got a Gimmick 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month , I will flash my  LOGO "pink"

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