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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Glass of merlot

Glass of merlot
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
I don't want to sound all pretentious or anything... but this was kind of a difficult shot.
I shot this one with the same 36mm (millimeter) focal lengh (see previous blog posts for 35 mm mea culpa) settings this evening .
I can't tell you the difficulty in trying to tip the glass...and keep the bikini chick in somewhat recognizable "form".
Then keep in mind.... I'm holding the glass with one hand... and camera in the other, peering through some tiny viewfinder window. I'm hand held, low ISO 100 on purpose...AND somewhat slow shutter speed. Try keepin a steady hand yourself when you try this :)
But I lucked out........ :)
Probably the synchro flash as well as this particular lens being an I.S. (image stabilization) lens....I was able to pull this shot off.... with few attempts :)
I invite you now to share this glass of Mondavi merlot with me..... by clicking directly on the image to see this in a larger size, and black background....

"Cheers" :)

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