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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lamborghini Print now Avail

Letting all my fans know this image is NOW available as an 18x24 poster print.

Shot this last year in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia . Not often you see a Lamborghini
street parked in Philly. 

I'm working with a couple different photo labs now to make some of my photos available to YOU  as high quality prints.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How's THAT for some PIPE!

Last year, I attempted to capture the magnificence of this pipe organ. The mea culpa .... I was still acquiring photog equipment on a tight budget, so I had to shoot with what I had at the time.  (will provide link to that image (I'm not ashamed of that image :)

Well, flash forward a year later.  Upgraded photog gear, as well as experience . 

This is the sanctuary of Mt. Tabor AME church in Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. Martha Lang Pastor

For photo purposes, the place is poorly lit . Recently copped a sturdy "used" tripod, and shutter release cable. Took about 5 "BULB" exposures, the longest one being 20 sec. This image here is appox 5 sec bulb exposure. In plain talk....  I "held" the shutter button for 20secs before letting go. 

View this image on Black here : " VIEW ON BLACK "

Beautiful isn't it?!

UrBanPerspectiV Photography


Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
Shot the following image on Easter Sunday 2010

Evidently there 's a skate troupe that meets up along this section of  Kelly drive in Philadelphia. Near the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The music was  provided by 
SunDaePhiladelphia .  "Real" House
spun mixes

To get the full effect of the vibe that afternoon. Listen to this random mix I selected from a SundDaePhiladelphia mix  along with an embedded  slideshow from that afternoon's  shoot

Now feat Astrid Suryanto-King Britt320 by Sundae

UrBanPerspectiV Photography