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Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 chicks for Obama

3 chicks for Obama
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
I actually shot this one from the drivers seat at a Dunkin Donutt's parking lot.
I forgot where I was for a moment while I was focusing in on this image.
it didn't occur to me that here I am , sitting in my car, window rolled down, telephoto lens hangin all out the window.
It was bone chilling cold, and I had on my trademark RayBan sunglasses, wool Kangol skully, big black scarf tucked into my coat but enough so it covered my nose and mouth, black gloves on, MP3 ear buds under ear muffs.
Now picture all that with my bangin Caonon EOS Rebel XS wrapped around my neck.... and long 75-300mm lens hangin out the window.
When I got done taking the shots... I happened to look over and see two folks in the car a few rows over lookin at me wandering who I was :) especially with the ear bud speaker wires under my ear muffs.
I was gettin in a zone for the important event I was able to photoshoot in Wilmington Delaware.
The President's train was making a stop at the Wilmington Train Station as part of a historical Whistle Stop tour that weekend.
Needed my morning cup of joe to get the insides warmed up

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