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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zen STATE of Mind

"..... Each moment in this world has its distinct existence and then is gone forever..... 
Each sound and each silence is an opportunity for ENLIGHTENMENT"

Shot the above image in the Olde City District of Philadelphia. I was across the street when this "gem" called out to me.
Be sure to click on it to see the FULL size
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HoTT!  neW Mix from Philly's Own "SunDaE crew" ....
  Sundae BNE Mr.Sparkles 2010-06-27 by Sundae



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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome America !

Welcome America to where it  began. 234years ago ... ...

My journey this day took  me through the "Historic" Part of Philadelphia. Also known as
Olde City Philadelphia.

In light of the Welcome America festivities that kicked off yesterday, I wanted to see how we Welcome America To our City.

.... My pics serve as another set of eyes of things u might miss,  weaving in and out of tiny cobblestoned streets... and horse drawn carriages..

 I shot the above image  from a lower platform on  Penn's Landing.
click on them to view them SCREENSAVED Size for maximum effect)

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Is It Real Love - Ryan Leslie <<== clik BuTTON to hear it!  I switched up gear at this point & put on this new Ryan Leslie Trax
I had been listening NONSTOP to #HIGO : How I GOT OVER the hot new CD by Philly's own THE ROOTS, & you can Peep that video on my Blog here as well.

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This is the ONLY known shot of the LiBerty Bell in THE WORLD taken at this angle. I took it from "the opposite side" which was outside more than 300 feet away. The reflection in the glass is INDENDENCE HALL where the CONSTITUTION was signed.  Everything just naturally blends in... sort of like looking at the bell from it's past history to its present day attraction .... shot my way of course......

By the Way... You can also Download that REALPlayer SP for FREE!! That's how I was able to share that song earlier.  U can do ALOT of stuff with it & sync it up to just about any device


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Riders On the STorm

Share Riders On The Storm [New Stereo Mix] (Advanced Resolution) by The Doors <<== clik that button to hear Riders On the Storm : The Doors

Damaging rainstorms  & gusty winds wrecked havoc the other nite in the Philly Metro County.

Power was out for up to 24hrs in some areas.
Nevertheless was driving home and saw something unusual On The OTHER side out the corner of my eye.
phoTOG eye or #Tog as they say on Twitter .
I doubled back with Canon in tow..........  These are the images I captured over there of Storm Damage
As always I prefer you view my images FULL Size first, so just clik on each to see full screen
I was tired last nite having been up since the wee dark hours of the prior day... almost 24hrs.
Then it happened.... my eyes started playing tricks on me.  The above image was one such example . View that one when you're tired & your brain isn't quite sure how to make sense of things.

The above image is what captured my eye at 35mph on the OTHER SIDE .
A proverbial Rest in "Piece"

Glad I snapped this one (no pun intended)   You can see how HUGE that tree once was.
Winds are a powerful force aren't they?

The above image .....  I called "Oddball" :)   How could I not ? 

 Eden Cemetery by of  Delaware County, Pa. The nation's OLDEST African American Cemetery
(surrounded by an iron gate & "curtain" of trees by the way ...#justsayin if U linked over from my FB page)

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