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Saturday, February 27, 2010


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... (as defined by Wikipedia) is a method of crypsis – avoidance of observation – that allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through deception.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chess Jams

 Online Chess With a NEW ATTITUDE !!!!
Enjoy Chess?

Unlike the shot below (which is of my own chess board) .... or playing online with cheesy graphics
 I recently discovered the CHESSJAMS.com app. It's not often you see "Chess" advertised on a Facebook ad, so I took a gamble and gave it a try ;)

It's a FREE online app to download, built on the Adobe Air platform . Quick easy install  and overall easy to navigate, once you figure out how things work
 over there.

You have the choice of 3-D graphics or can toggle between the more traditional flat pieces (2-D view)  The sound EFX make CHESS JAM Rock!!  Snare drum snaps for certain pieces,  dramatic "oh no" kinda horn effect when the king is checked.... and just all sorts or innovative , cool little things going on over there

 There's also Sunday Survivor Tournament play as well as regular timed Tournament rounds scheduled every 2 hours or so throughout the day . Can u beat a  BOT?  You can play them as well  and Facebook integration (for a screenshot of your winning or losing frame .... ...there's no malware or spyware bundled in with this download. Nice!! You can also Tweet the ending result... with a link to the game that was played & play it back. Cool!

ChessJam is constantly improving upon this app and it will be automatically updated with the newest features.   Check out their ChessJam BLOG for all the newest features 

I already find myself playing more  "LIVE" online chess lately since downloading ChessJam

You know "we" chess players are a unique breed, so I'd highly recommend you download this app. for hours of enjoyment.  And if you do download it ..... you can add me as a buddy "UrbanPerspectiV"

Look forward to playing you soon!!!!!

Online chess with a new attitude - ChessJam.com

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"To abandon or isolate with little hope of ready rescue or escape"

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Shot during the first "wave" (so to speak) of the  Blizzard of 2010  Darby Boro, Pa

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Spin Control

Spin Control
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Ever been in a situation that got out of control?

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So now what are you going to do about it?! I read a quote from meditation specialist Michele Meiche that went :

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Shovel Full at a Time

One Shovel Full at a Time
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I shot this a few hours ago, the day AFTER a major NorEaster Blizzard slammed the Northeastern seaboard of the US.... including Philadelphia

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.....They say a long journey commences with the first step.... One Shovel Full at a Time....... grasshoppa

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Perfect Evening

Perfect Evening
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 In a rare move , today I purchased

SADE's "Soldier of Love" CD which dropped  after a 10 yr hiatus from this iconic songbird.

The CD is 10 Solid Tracks strong, with the current self titled single "Soldier of Love" getting regular radio airplay .

I personally like how she kicks off the CD with the ethereal sounds of "The Moon and the Sky" , then interlaces the rest of the CD with sultry and poignant grooves that we've come to  Luv SADE for

She has several TV appearances in the upcoming week, and the best advice would be to follow the her official website link below to keep up with her activities. How exciting, the thought of her touring in the near future to promote her new CD. Hope she comes to a city near you!
Official SADE WebSite.

I shot the accompanying image as I was listening to it ......click

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...... Perfect Evening

...thumbs up here baby

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Saturday, February 6, 2010


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Just back from the frozen tundra .

Snapped this shot from a street corner


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Pic speaks for itself!

Shot this on a recent photoshoot of a socialite affair.
Said Diva was more than eager to pose for this shot, when
I told her she would be seen INTERNATIONALLY just
from being featured on my Blog.


UrBanPerspectiV photography

Gettin My Mojo

Gettin My Mojo
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All this darn snow in the Philly region and NorthEastern seaboard at the moment.

Thought I'd "dig in" so to speak in my portfolio & think of warmer times .


Shot this one steamy hot & hazy summer afternoon  on the Atlantic City Beach. Fog rolled in outta nowhere as I was shootin......... "Gettin My Mojo" :)

UrbanPerspectiV photography


I had the honor of  photoshooting 9  time published author Niama Leslie Williams, Ph.D.
and her companion ,  4 time author himself Rev. Joseph W. Massey.

Dr. "Ni" as she's affectionately called and Rev. Massey have just collaborated on their new memoir   "Ruby".  It is an exchange of poems, letters and essays between Rev. Massey and Dr "Ni". 

They chose this photo from that day's shoot to grace the cover of their  new memoir Click on the picture for the larger version , then have her autograph it at her next book signing :)

To purchase "Ruby"  or find out more about Dr. Ni just clik red Ruby  links throughout this Blog post

  or visit her  main website

"Blowing Up Barriers Enterprises" just click it

To really appreciate Dr. Ni's  prose/poetry ...you've GOT TO LISTEN to her as she reads excerpts from her memoirs.  It is truly a listening experience in the neo soul spoken word . There are plenty of archived shows of  Dr. Ni , and can be heard on her internet BLOG TALK RADIO show "Poetry , Prose & ANYTHING Goes with Dr. Ni."

ThanK You  Dr. Ni & Rev. Massey for ALL your support in my photog endeavors.

It is with gratitude I wish  YOU.... ALL THE BEST  with the release of this newly published Memoir as well as Blowing Up Barriers Enterprises and your tireless work for the community

UrbanPerspectiV  photography

Bump In the Middle of the Night

Ever Wander What goes BUMP in the middle of the night?

I shot this around 3AM in Darby Boro , Pa druing the middle of this blizzard

Was in my office and heard "commotion" out front.

Grabbed Canon and went to investigate........

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Friday, February 5, 2010

SADE's new CD ...countdown

ONLY 4 Days Left .........til the Feb 09  release of SADE's Brand new CD : Soldier of Love

Peep SADE's OFFICIAL Website   for sneek peeks & upcoming exciting news

... Welcome Back Baby 

UrbanPerspectiV : New Focus Media

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Jump starting my new Vizion for this Blog! :)

It will still focus on photography (primarily

mine LOL) BUT now I'll {{{ EXPAND my FOCUS }}}

on visually based media.... with my 2 cents added

primary "focus" on pop culture & urban media & all

other "ilk" LOL!

UrBanPerSpectiV ... New Focus Media