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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good Evening

Good Evening
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((((( YAWWNNN !!! )))))) Good Evening .... LOL !! :)

Just thinking about some plans I have for my business this year.
All is looking UP and positive on that front :)

Please be sure to click on the image directly to see it in LARGER sizes and on a black background. (I know most of the gentleman in the audience already have..... but I just wanted to add that disclaimer anyways

Technical mumbo jumbo... not necessarily to be read by all......you've been warned.......
I'm still in that nostalgic 35mm (Milli meter) frame of mind.
I did see the " | " marker on the body of the camera. However on the actual lens itself..... it's difficult to line up the "correct" ridge with that marker for dead on point 35mm.
Case in point, after shooting yesterday at 34mm... I turned the lens slightly to the next "upraised" notch on the lens. Would you believe this put me at 36mm???. So next set of images I'll try the "indented" groove instead to get 35mm settings EXACT!!
(I already told you this was technical mumbo jumbo not necessarily to be read by all. You were warned ) :)

(((((( YAWN )))))))))) Good Evening :)

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