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Thursday, January 15, 2009

harbor texture- taken by raybanbro66

This is an image that was shot by me on Penn's Landing in Philadelphia.
I have a photographer friend in Baltimore ....George Brown III, that is a master at tone mapping and texturizing images in post production ie (photoshop). He can transform "ordinary" good photographic images into awesome pieces of art.
I've given him the verbal OK and my blessing to see what creations he can come up with from some of my more interesting images .
So this is basically a fun collaboration between us where he gives me credit for the image taken (my screen name on Flickr is RayBanBro66), and he properly credits himself for the post production such as toning, texturizing, etc...
If I like the final work.... which 10 times out of 10 I will :) , I'll blog the final product (image), and that particular image will link back to his photostream.
I strongly urge you to click on this image to take you straight to HIS photostream. Your mouth will drop open when you see some of the masterpieces he's created from some of his own personal photos.
For the nay-sayers, because you know there's always gonna be few of them out there, wondering why I would allow this.......
Once I include the link to my {{{BLOG}}} on the final image... it drives more people potentially to my blog or photostream. I looked at my stats after this was posted, and my numbers shot waaay up there.
And it's also more exposure for George's work as well.
As we both agreed on the phone.... this shouldn't be a competitive thing (photography.... especially amongst friends) We should be able to go out and shoot and have FUN doing it. Maybe help one another out with different suggestions to BETTER our individual styles.
If photography ever became a "chore".... then it defeats the whole purpose as far as I'm concerned.
Anyways, hope you enjoy the image I'm posting today.
If you're new to my {{{BLOG}}} , or linking over from George's photostream, please be sure to check out previous blog posts of photos I've blogged from my own Flickr photostream


Anonymous said...

This looks like it was taken back in the 1800's

Anonymous said...

That has an old, enlivening (for me anyway) feel to it.