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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
Probably my last shot for the evening.
Was doing laundry and had the camera dangling around my neck .
Looked in the washer ..... and immediately went into shutter priority mode.
Looking at this image reminds me of an ocean wave, breaking on shore.
So now I have the urge to take a drive down to Atlantic City tomorrow morning to capture some seaside scenery.
I love doing this in warmer weather, so I'd love to see what I could produce in the winter off season.
Only thing is the brutal cold air blowing off of the ocean. Tomorrow's highs is expected to be 47...and that's in the Philadelphia region. Usually it's about 10 degrees colder down by the shore, and this isn't including the windchill factor.
I'm on vacation this week and really don't feel like getting up early. My ideal time to shoot down there would be around the dawn hours.
From where I would like to shoot, the sun will be coming up over the horizon, and I can only imagine the colors in the sky I could get from that.
I also had some other photo ideas in mind for down there. Normally I've only snapped images with my smaller point and shoot Canon Powershot A470 while I was down there. This time ....... I'm gonna "bring it" from a whole new perspective so to speak.
I'll have my bangin DSLR Canon EOS Rebel XS probably with my 75-300mm lens attached..... and then it's "ON" !!! :)
If I dress like how I did for the Whistle Stop tour..... It shouldn't be too much of a problem. My 4GB Sansa Fuze MP3 player is loaded up with stuff to keep me in "a zone" while photoshooting, and walking.
So do check back to see if I made it down there.
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