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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twitter this in 140 or less

So, it's been a couple days since I've been out...or "in" shooting images
Been really busy uploading Obama pics.
Figured I'd take a break from all that and get back into the action
Once again, i decided to shoot at 35millimeter .
I was really looking for a different shot when I snapped this image. Was hoping to catch a reflection of my eye in the Zippo lighter that you see me holding there.
I took about 5 shots before realizing that no matter how I angled the lighter to catch my reflection, the camera was too big and that shot just wasn't possible. (except with maybe a tripod)
So I just went and continued shooting other stuff.... which I'll upload later in the day.
When I downloaded the images....... I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT !!! There's the poster in the background of a model.... and in the upper right hand corner of the lighter is the reflection of my fingers in a unique position.
You MUST click on the picture here to see this larger.

Then..... Go put it in your Twitter in 140 or less :)

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