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Friday, October 24, 2008

Yes, We CAN

Yes, We CAN Get Along
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
Shot this after a Barack Obama rally in Philly a couple weekends ago. Was hoping to catch the mood, and surrounding positive energy STILL in the air. Came across these two people having a conversation.
I'll tell you now..... "posed" photos bore me. No spontaneity in them. I'll look at other people's "posed" photos, but my own preference for shooting is candid. You get something more "natural" in a candid shot . No way could I have snapped this with an SLR and been as discreet as when I shot this. Folks see big bulky camera....and guess what they want to do....... "Pose" LOL
I don't know if these two individuals know or knew each other when I snapped this.
I remembered as I was framing the shot , that somebody once asked .... "Can We All just get along?" .... and then I snapped the picture.


Unknown said...

Great picthure and I agree with you on the value of the natural shot. I think that you got the shot that you were looking for; it captures the positive vibes.

UrbanPer$pectiV BLOG : said...

Thank you. It was nice to see folk come out in large numbers without any "incidents" for a change.