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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little.."Big Deal" Connoisseur

I'm a connoisseur of sorts, of some of the finer things in life when I can afford them. One being hand rolled imported cigars.
Stopped in Holt's Cigar shop in downtown Philly. Cigars can be pretty pricey, especially the "name brands". But if you look hard enough, you can find equally quality in lesser priced "bundles".
I had a favorite bundle in mind when I went in there.
This particular bundle of 20, contains hand rolled cigars of Nicaraguan blended long leaf filler tobacco , binded with a leaf of Dominican tobacco, and all wrapped up in an Equador wrapper. The result is a medium to full bodied smoke chock full of earthy flavors reminiscent of coffee, nutmeg, mixed in with a smidgen of leather noted on the palate.
After I light one up and relax awhiles, the result is white ash hangin off the end, a true sign of a well crafted smoke.
I'm a connoisseur of sorts of some of the finer things in life, when I can afford them
Nice to feel like a "Little Big Deal" (a very inside reference) every once in awhiles.

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Anonymous said...

Love how you broke it down.