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Friday, October 31, 2008

"Dedicated to Paulette"

I know she'll eventually get around to reading this and see for herself what this was all about : )
I was bored at lunch this day, and decided to get some fresh air. Naturally, camera was at hand.
So I'm all crouched down on my knee, just took the shot........... and the muffled engine sound
enters the "picture"
She asks me from the drivers window partially rolled down....... "So you like fire hydrants huh?"
Now how the heck was I supposed to respond to that caught all off guard, crouched down on one knee, like I just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar? LOL
It wasn't like I had 5 minutes to go into a "spcheel" about how I'm into photography and promoting an eclectic body of work... of my images now known as THE URBAN PERSPECTIVE :)
I didn't have time to tell her that ...... I have a ton of images on Flickr that I occasionally blog
I didn't have time to tell her that...... I'm also a photo contributor and social news correspondent at http://www.NowPublic.com/raybanbro66 ...... and that these sorts of images are necessary for stories posted in cyberspace.
When she sees this, and I know she will (thanx Mike) , she'll understand now :)

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