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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seeing Is Believing

This afternoon was just too nice a day to eat lunch indoors. There's a bike trail in the back of the building, often occupied by joggers, bicyclists, pets, and curmudgeons
All the different colors outside this time of year is a photographers dream. So I'm walkin along snappin away...... and remembered the little guy. The little guy is the one that just barely gets some sideway glance IF he's lucky. It's now being discovered though that the little guy often produces some of the BEST and BETTER ideas than the big Mohican that gets all the attention

This little bundle of buds was probably no bigger than the length of your index finger. I didn't think much of it ....."standing" . But when I crouched down and got within an inch or less , I saw "the picture" Now it took maybe 3 attempts, with wind gusts here and there, and of course with this being a macro shot, there's the camera shake factor. Not like I carry my mini tripod with me to work. Anyways, as I framed this shot and held my breath , I was pleasantly surprised at the end result in the view window. Imagine the look when I downloaded it to my monitor !! I couldn't believe it.
So this is straight from nature , from the memory card in the camera to you. No photo enhancement was used. What u see ,........ is what I saw at that moment. You can clik on this one for the large size. I guess this one will be seen on a few desktop wallpapers around the globe. :)

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