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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alien Sunset

Alien Sunset
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
I had a stick of incense burning, with the window cracked open a little.
The sun was fast setting, and I saw the interesting shapes the smoke was taking on as the breeze entered the room.
Grabbed the camera and began snappin away.
This image out of all of them caught my eye immediately
You can check it out in the larger size when you click on this.

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Anissa.Lynette said...

Just checked out your pictures on Flickr. You do amazing work. I loved the Obama/Biden collection.

Keith said...

I really like this...It reminds me of the not too distant Summer..

UrbanPer$pectiV BLOG : said...

Thank you Anissa. I actually held back on some of those photos I uploaded. I have quite a few more of the President, but I try not to bore the viewers with too much of the same thing all at once. Thanx for checkin them out.... I'm getting ready to launch TheUrbanPerspective.com within a couple days, so please check back from time to time :)

UrbanPer$pectiV BLOG : said...

Brother Keith... thanx.
Sometimes I surprise myself with what I capture on "film" (sounds better than memory card)