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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sinister Beauty

Sinister Beauty
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66

I thought the title was appropriate , being that I had just listened to that HOT new podcast and MP3 download by Windimoto.
And my image here having a sinister beauty to it.

You can click on the link above, or the one left on this page to hear that podcast for FREE in full.

Some would wander "what's in it for you" by featuring them on my {{BLOG}}.

Well, I've been a fan of DJ Sean Haley from the Chi-town since the 90's, or when House mixes became available on the young internet in the later 90's. You can check out his page by clicking on his name to find out more about his collaboration effort with DJ Scorpeze (link unavailable at this time) to form the group Windimoto.

Now some closed minded fools might stereotype "house" as listened to by certain groups of people. Same like those same fools would stereotype "hip hop" as being listened to by a "certain" element . Music in my eye... or ear.... has no boundaries or limitations on who can listen to what. Feel me?

I think underground house (music), in particular this Sinister Beauty project by Windimoto is a "thee" theme for my URBAN PERSPECTIVE vision. And I'm sure you too will find your groove when you give it a listen.
I could vision my photographic "work" displayed in some chic (sheek) art gallery..... with house (music) being pumped in the background.
You could almost get this same effect, if you went to my photostream and viewed my whole collection as a slideshow, on full screen on your monitor, with the Windimoto Podcast on in the background (and you can start listening to it right from the sidebar on this page) ..... while you go about your business in your apartment, office, or where have you.

I guess I featured it on my Blog, since it is my belief that the Universe will attract back to me the same positive energy that was "sent out" promoting this bangin new MP3 download by Windimoto.

So.... let is be known throughout the land (in wizard of Oz cadence).......... THE URBAN PERSPECTIVE ENDORSES the "house" grooves of WINDIMOTO

Be sure to listen to the free podcast and then consider downloading it to your MP3 player , and it's even compatable with ITunes. That link is here to get to their Windimoto Store to purchase


Anonymous said...

And so what was it that made you really keep coming back to this picture. I'm sure those lines in the street just kept messing with your brain cause you couldn't get them clear. Surely it wasn't those shapely legs in the background. Girlfriend looks like she can strut too. But I'm sure that's not why you took the picture :)

UrbanPer$pectiV BLOG : said...

LOL!! Oh heck noooo, it SURELY WASN'T the long legs for days LOL LOL LOL