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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Decadence at it's Core

Decadence at it's Core
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
"We're" in Atlantic City in this image :)

I'm walking along the boardwalk down there and observe all the construction and hoopla about new luxury casinos and hotels coming soon.
And surprisingly during this state of the economy, all work sites were teaming with action.
I guess they're "gambling" on the economy taking a turn for the better.
Anyways at this particular site, I liked the geometric patterns I was observing in the structure.
In a few months, this same spot will look like some swank, cosmopolitan casino, probably with mirrored windows and bathed in neon flourescent lights .
Hypnotic opulence ...... here at it's core......

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Anonymous said...

Make sure to show us the finished product.

UrbanPer$pectiV BLOG : said...

Absolutely.... Urban Perspective won't miss that Grand Opening :)