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Friday, December 12, 2008

Under the Weather :)

Missing You
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Les Miserable, Scrooge, Grinch,Gargamel, Ba-hum-bug... guess who's been feeling really crappy with the flu .... yeah... you got it.... me
This image I snapped last month kind o sums up how I've been feeling physically all week. MISERABLE
Some bug or flu germ that I acquired from somewhere. UGH.....
Earlier in the week it was the inflamed sore throat feelin... hot, burning, raw...... saliva feels like acid when you swallow feeling.... but you just deal with it.
Now "it's" moved into the nasal cavity. Head's all clogged, with the occasional muffled hearing..
Oh... and let's not forget the entire body feeling completely "worked over" kinda feeling. And every little thing that annoys you when you're feeling well is now TEN TIMES amplified.
It's cold outside... and it's been rainy and dampness in the air to boot just to really add insult to injury. UGH......
I snapped this image last month (NOV) while sitting in my car in a parking lot. These are really raindrops on my windshield, with a view of the parking lot in the background. You'll appreciate this better once you clik directly on the image to view the larger sizes and on a black background.
I originally called this image "Missing You" , I think that day, I was feeling melancholy and had SADE (shar-day) on in the background..
This seemed like such the appropriate title for this image... with the raindrops being symbolic for teardrops.
Hope this cheers you up as well LOL LOL LOL


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