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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blacklight @ ISO 100

Blacklight @ ISO 100
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
Well, when it's dreary weather outside, there's ALWAYS plenty to shoot and experiment with indoors
I recently read an article about ISO 100 and low light setttings, so I did some of my own hands on "research" most of the weekend, experimenting with ISO 100.
This happens to be one of my favs from the shots I took over the past couple days.
The only lighting in the room was coming from the venetian blinds in the background, and the black light bulb.
This shot was taken hand held...... and came out in relatively "clean" focus. I do have an I.S. lens, so that could have played a major factor for a more focused shot.
But I'll tell you...... it took a few shots here and there in various Av, and Tv modes to settle with this one. Obviously shooting at such a low ISO with no flash, or tripod was challenging. But that's what I enjoy about this craft.
Please sure to click on the image to see this in a larger version and on a black background

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