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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Piano

The Piano
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
This isn't really the shot I wanted....but it's close.
My cousin's house was full of company on Christmas, so I was looking for interesting things...besides people to photograph.
If you've looked in my photostream (on Flickr), you'll see that most of my pics are of objects, architecture, geometric shapes, and street photography.
Yes, street photography does include "people".... but it's all spontaneous.
I do photograph people, such as family gatherings, portraits, etc..... and I get enjoyment out of that as well... HOWEVER.... as great as those images turn out, I can't really share them in my blog or Flickr.
Think about it....... do you really want to see a picture of somebody you don't know? Unless of course they're doing something interesting.
When I'm browsing thru Flickr's millions of images, guess which ones I browse right over? Yup... family photos of strangers.
So, whenever I upload to my blog.... or to Flickr, I always try to keep the general public in mind as to what MIGHT capture their eye.
Had the house been empty with just my cousin and his immediate family, I would have asked to move things out of the way to produce the image I really had in mind.... as well as to photo THE HANDS of my younger cousin as she plays it flawlessly.
This one came out nice though for the time and space I had to work with.
Be sure to click on the image to see the larger version, and on a black background ....if you choose.

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