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Monday, November 10, 2008

This Is Why I Blog by RayBanBro66

On Black: This Here Speaks For Itself by RayBanBro66
U should see me somedays driving along......... I'll look UP and see something like this gazing at me.
Now here I go fumbling and mumbling through my bag on the passenger's seat and can't put my hand on the camera.
I shot a whole series on this particular day.... with the moon as my main subject.

{{{{ Subconscious Minds }}}} read further....(in a hushed whispered tone) ... for the masses I tried to frame the moon per "rule of thirds". Tossed in a little "geometric" structure complexity. And a hint of sunset, with a little shadow added.......... >>((whisperin in a quiet tone))<< ..... this is why I blog .... per the Urban Perspective

Remember, u can always clik on the link right under the photo to view on a black background, one on that page, you can either view the larger size.... or clik on the photo again to see the Original sizes to fill your monitor. :)

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