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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Genie In a Bottle" by RayBanBro66

On Black: "Genie In a Bottle" by RayBanBro66

Before you do anything..... click on the link right under the photo NOW!!

I hoped u viewed the larger size of this as well.
I haven't been doing alot of shooting lately since the other day. This gives me the chance to explore my extensive portfolio of images. There might be something that I overlooked...or put aside for later. Then I happened upon this interesting image. I didn't really "see" it at first......
I like experimenting in low light situations and capturing the natural lighting effects. I had an incense bottle and stuck in some fragrant stick and wanted to capture the smoke as it unfurled .
Now this is a small room, and it started getting kind of smoky, but, if you look at this in its Original size or Large size, you can see the "lines" from the venetian blinds in the smoke (in front of the bottle)
But I think we all see ... why this is called..... "The Genie In a Bottle"
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Anonymous said...

I rated this "Sick" as in good. You really come up with some interesting shots.