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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congratulations Mr. President ..addendum

This blog is kind of an "addendum" to my sister's blog (http://hangingwithmrsacooper.blogspot.com) her post entitled "Congratualations Mr. President"
Basically she congratulates the election of Mr. President elect Barack Obama, and she goes into detail about her convictions of why she voted the way she did.
In it she mentions how our great grandmother (the late Ardeene Brown) would always say that she's "FREE , black, over 21..... and can do as she pleases" . My sis and I didn't really understand back then what she really meant by being "FREE".
As we both came to understand the history of this country...specifically the plight of African Americans...... I think it's safe to say we know what she meant by being "FREE".
Now my great grandmother was born in 1897...... 32 years after the official end of slavery in 1865. I can't even imagine what life was like for an African American ...especially an African American woman back in her formidable years in the 1920,s, 30's, 40's
I wanted to post this "addendum" because I agree with the points my sis made in her blog...and wanted to post my own personal feelings on this matter concerning what NOV 4 2008 meant to me, and why I too voted for Barack Obama
A couple weeks ago, my family had a sort of "family reunion" out in an apple orchard in Kennett Square, Pa. Kennett Square is over an hour drive away from Philadelphia. It's in the Chester County region of the state. I rarely make that trip out there. The only time I ever seem to get out that way is for a burial. Yes, most of the immediate family on my mother's side is buried out there.
So, got done picking apples.... and me of course concentrating on photography ..... it started getting late, and they all talked about going back to our cousin's house. About 15 minutes away from the orchard. I was low on gas...and cash, so I opted out of going all the way back there, and then turn around and drive back into Philly.
It dawned on me though that the cemetery was on the way to my cousins, and I felt compelled for some reason to visit. I made a sacrifice on the gas..... and drove over there. Quiet as it's kept, I knew this was the right thing to do.
I get over there, and find the grave of my great-great grandmother (who I never knew personally) BUT... my GREAT grandmother "Ardeene" affectionately called Deenie.... always spoke lovingly of her. She was the late L. Victoria Hopkins......... BORN A SLAVE in 1862.
I spoke some loving words over the grave..... and told them all how things were(it's a big plot that they are all interned) ...and how we were on the verge of MAYBE having an African Amercian President.
Being the photographer that I am....... for whatever reason , I wanted to take a picture of the tombstone of my great great grandmother. I didn't how I would actually "use" the photo , or if it would just be something I could just say that I have. But I think I've found my reason now to display it to the WORLD.... as kind of a tribute to her, as well as my other family members that have since passed on included my great grandmother Ardeene.
I want to include a photo of her tombstone ...... and my photo of my vote for Barack Obama/Joe Biden ..... to let her know that I hadn't forgotten where I came from.... and that I am FREE, over 21 and can do as I please

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