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Thursday, November 20, 2008

"I Did It My Way"

(This one you can clik directly on the image for the larger size)
I had some free time today, so thought I'd experiment in Photoshop a little. I mainly use it
to enhance the photo for lighting purposes , cropping, and aesthetics.
I know the things that can be created in it..... but that takes time. Trust me, I've seen Renoir masterpieces created from simple photos.
So for a little relaxation, once in awhile when I have some "play" time on my hands, I'll try to do a little something extra. Once again....... just trying to keep things interesting.
Maybe Santa will bring me a graphics tablet for Christmas. (it looks like a modern day Etch a Sketch pad if u can remember those). Plugs into your PC and once configured you can "draw" or do whatever with your photos.... and your imagination :)
Was walking along the trail and saw the above image across the street. I wanted to "bring out" the concrete in the image. Give it kind of a "gritty" feel. There's really no "correct" way to make your image the way YOU want it to look. Sure, there are guidelines to follow...... but how boring if everybody did the same thing the exact same way.... don't you agree?
So I did it my way :)

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