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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How's THAT for some PIPE!

Last year, I attempted to capture the magnificence of this pipe organ. The mea culpa .... I was still acquiring photog equipment on a tight budget, so I had to shoot with what I had at the time.  (will provide link to that image (I'm not ashamed of that image :)

Well, flash forward a year later.  Upgraded photog gear, as well as experience . 

This is the sanctuary of Mt. Tabor AME church in Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. Martha Lang Pastor

For photo purposes, the place is poorly lit . Recently copped a sturdy "used" tripod, and shutter release cable. Took about 5 "BULB" exposures, the longest one being 20 sec. This image here is appox 5 sec bulb exposure. In plain talk....  I "held" the shutter button for 20secs before letting go. 

View this image on Black here : " VIEW ON BLACK "

Beautiful isn't it?!

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