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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chess Jams

 Online Chess With a NEW ATTITUDE !!!!
Enjoy Chess?

Unlike the shot below (which is of my own chess board) .... or playing online with cheesy graphics
 I recently discovered the CHESSJAMS.com app. It's not often you see "Chess" advertised on a Facebook ad, so I took a gamble and gave it a try ;)

It's a FREE online app to download, built on the Adobe Air platform . Quick easy install  and overall easy to navigate, once you figure out how things work
 over there.

You have the choice of 3-D graphics or can toggle between the more traditional flat pieces (2-D view)  The sound EFX make CHESS JAM Rock!!  Snare drum snaps for certain pieces,  dramatic "oh no" kinda horn effect when the king is checked.... and just all sorts or innovative , cool little things going on over there

 There's also Sunday Survivor Tournament play as well as regular timed Tournament rounds scheduled every 2 hours or so throughout the day . Can u beat a  BOT?  You can play them as well  and Facebook integration (for a screenshot of your winning or losing frame .... ...there's no malware or spyware bundled in with this download. Nice!! You can also Tweet the ending result... with a link to the game that was played & play it back. Cool!

ChessJam is constantly improving upon this app and it will be automatically updated with the newest features.   Check out their ChessJam BLOG for all the newest features 

I already find myself playing more  "LIVE" online chess lately since downloading ChessJam

You know "we" chess players are a unique breed, so I'd highly recommend you download this app. for hours of enjoyment.  And if you do download it ..... you can add me as a buddy "UrbanPerspectiV"

Look forward to playing you soon!!!!!

Online chess with a new attitude - ChessJam.com

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