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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Water Fountain Scene

Water Fountain
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66
So as I was framing up this shot at the Philadelphia Flower Show, I thought I heard somebody trying to get my attention.
Now I had my Sansa MP3 player on, with earbuds snug in my ears, so I was sort of in "a zone" while trying to frame this one up.
Anyways, a lady next to me was asking if I could email her this particular image. She tried to tell me her email addy, and asked if I could remember it . hahahhahhahahahahhahahahahaha
Luckily , I --- "just happened to have" (ROFL) "several" business cards I just ordered with my new logo on them.
So I assured her that even if I couldn't remember her email from memory , I'd remember which image it
A Water Fountain "Scene"..................

U can click on the image to see the large versions

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Anonymous said...

So has she contacted you for the picture?

UrbanPer$pectiV BLOG : said...

hahahah... still waitin.....