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Sunday, March 15, 2009


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I had wrapped up a shoot with a client and pre planned to drive into Conshohocken, Pa for some personal photogging.
Everyday when I drive into work, I see things I wouldn't mind photoggin, but can't being that I'm in a moving vehicle
So yesterday, I thought it would be one of those days where I could drive up there, park, and then walk around in the area.
Lo and behold...... what do I stumble into....
A St Patrick's Day celebration with parade and all!!
This was "music to my eyes" and the potential for some nice shots.
It was a festive occasion, the streets teaming with presumably folks proud of their Irish heritage.
One thing's for sure, and I say this "lovingly" .... The Irish know how to throw a party !!! :)
Be sure to click the image to see the larger versions of this shot
Happy St Patrick's Day to all (even though I'm a couple days early)


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