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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Philly Skyline After Dark

This shot wrapped up my day of photoshooting in the city that day.
The Philadelphia Flower Show was in town, and parking was at a premium.
Even my favoritie garage when I go into the city was almost full.
I ended up parking on the rooftop level around 7th & Arch.
What photog in his/her right mind would pass up a shot like this?
Practically unobstructed view of the skyline
If you view the larger size...or even the ORIGINAL size of this image, (by clicking on the image) you will even see ole "Billy Penn" atop of City Hall (the building with the yellow clock in the foreground)
Guess which one is the COMCAST building? Wasn't too hard huh? How did you know automatically... even if you've never been to Philadelphia... which one it was? LOL
Anyways, I had already packed in my camera and lenses.... until I got off the elevator and started walking to my car.
I guess there was a reason I was meant to park on the rooftop that day....... and I finally understood why when I snapped this image.


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Anonymous said...

That's always been a pretty skyline at night. And look, there's my old work building.