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Sunday, October 31, 2010

384 Moons AGO : OMNI mag debuts

Basing "Moon #384" on a "new" moon every 30days or once
a month ... 12 of them a yr... u figure out the rest ;)

Doing some house cleaning, and found this Collector's edition
(very first issue) of OMNI magazine

It's Fall , except its October 1978.......

Some "new" magazine called "OMNI" has just debut                            

Thumbing thru , I ran across this ad for a camera that
"AutoFocus" itself ..  Yes, it EVEN SETS THE FOCUS

...... 384 Moons AGO..........

Please clik on the images to see these in full screen detail

 Hiphop/rnb/dancehall Djmissy by djmissy

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