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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Transittion :

.... suddenly without warning..............

.....some vision about an undergrnD Pulp fiction type Comix Book .......of  Photographs .
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...VoL #1  Transition

New "LOOK"  & FEEL .  .

A couple yrs back I remembered a shot  in a club setting. It wasn't total pitch black, but a cherry KOOL AID like light ambiance filled the room.  Snapped the above image  Click on it to see
the FULL SCREEN Version :)
The original image came out SEVERELY UNDEREXPOSED .  I saw the rawness in it & knew one day I would  enhance it

Flash (no pun) forward 2 yrs later....

This BLOG (post) is the official NOD to #HIGO  the new CD from PHilly's Own  "The RooTs"

clik to hear

Share Doin' It Again (Explicit) by The Roots

 For better control of this new vision , I'm only affiliating with one or 2 advertisers.  Currently I've integrated RealPlayer with the BLOG

U Get IT..........

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