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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Decade into the Milennium

I bought this bottle of Korbel ...a decade ago!!!

First , (click) VIEW ON BLACK to see this larger

It was the Official Limited edition bottle of Korbel Champagne they put out at the turn of the milennium. (2000)

With all the Y2K hoopla that year, for nostalgia I decided to buy this limited edition bottle

Surprisingly I never got around to opening it......even a decade later!

I Googled Korbel, & believe this is the only known image on the internet of an UNOPENED millennium edition Korbel bottle :) Maybe I'll get around to enjoying it..... before the next millennium LOL!!

Have a safe & prosperous & Happy New Year 2010!!

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..... into the next decade


Anonymous said...

Look forward to more of your photography in the new decade

david.softech said...
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