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Friday, September 25, 2009

X-Files : Fort Mifflin

X-Files : Fort Mifflin
Originally uploaded by RayBanBro66

You'll have to view the ORIGINAL size to see what I'm referring
to (clik on the green Original to link over to larger size in my Flickr account)
This was shot at Fort Mifflin on the Delaware in Philly. An old
Revolutionary War Fort...which has been extensively documented
for paranormal activity
My on camera flash DID fire believe it or not. I would have just tossed
this one aside for being underexposed...but then I noticed if you
look over by the picture of the canon on the wall, there is a bluish
haze that starts there, and extends past the window. You would
expect this 'hazy' effect in a smoky room, but I assure you these
rooms are smoke free and when I shot this I saw no "haze" in the room
There is no window on the opposite side of the room either for light to
get in that way either
This photo was NOT enhanced in anyway, not even light adjusted due to underexposure.
If u really scrutinize this image at 100% you will see a reflection of the haze in the glass on top of the case. This rules out "something in the camera" defect
Paranormal? Just some "weird" anamoly? Skeptical? ....why not go check this place out for yourself
and decide ;)
One thing's for sure, "light" sure does behave oddly here. You can check out a prior "unexplained"
image I shot in one of the other quarters here.

URBAN PERSPeCTIVe photography....
...we get to the bottom of things :)

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