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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who is Dr. Niama Wiliams Ph.D. ?

A couple months ago I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Dr. Niama Leslie Williams Ph.D. or as she prefers to be called.. Dr. "Ni" (knee)
So, she will be referred to as such in all future mentions.
She is a Los Angeles native, now residing in the Norristown , Pa area. She's a nine time published author, amongst other mind blowing accomplishments.
I had the privilege of hearing her and her companion Rev. Joseph Massey, pictured here as well speak and read excerpts from their individual bookS, during a recent event at my church.
Each delivered powerful presentations, and took questions from the audience, as well as a meet and greet afterward.
I had been photogging the whole event, so it was during this meet and greet, that I introduced myself to both and exchanged business cards etc.
WELL.......!!! (LOL!!) Since that event, Dr. Ni has been one of my greatest supporters of what I'm trying to accomplish with my photography goals.
She not only contacts me for " photog gigs", she graciously did a little write up about me in her weekly newsletter to help promote me. :) God Bless her, and the good Rev. Joseph Massey.
I'm not one to really go tootin my own horn, so that's why I didn't really talk about her article on me at all. Don't get me wrong.... I appreciate the luv (and it is a great positive article) ... but I tend to be humble when it comes to mentioning my achievements and when others shower accolades on me. Nevertheless, you can search her newsletter space on her website, and I'm sure you'll find it there. If I can find the link, I'll include it .
Anyways, be sure to find out more about this amazing 9 time published author and achievements, as well as the achievements of equally accomplished Rev. Joseph Massey (don't tell no one, but I hope I can be as smooth & distinguished lookin when I reach his age )
I'm including a biography link from her website : Blowing Up Barriers

Who is Dr. Niama Williams PH.D.?

Dr. Ni does indeed Twitter, but probably not as frequently as she would like too, since she's busy with her professional endeavors writing, and counseling. But you can follow her on Twitter @DrNi

And for certain be sure to check out her BLOG TALK RADIO show : Poetry & Prose & Anything Goes with Dr. Ni It has a very Neo Soul vibe , so hope you have an open mind :)

One thing's for certain (hint hint) if you have the pleasure of befriending Dr. Ni., whether on a social networking site like twitter, myspace, etc. or in person. She is THE QUEEN of promotion and would do everything she can to help "get your name out there" if she sees your potential and your willingness to want to achieve your goals. (need I say... hint hint again LOL)

You can click right on the images to see the larger versions of these pics. These are two images I took when she contacted me for some portfolio shots.

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